The story of 'Coconia' by Chris Covins - A free illustrated children's book

Synopsis: "Lord of the Rings" with Fruit

If you've ever wondered what lies far to the West of imagination it is the land of Coconia - a land of plenty, populated by four tribes: the Cocos, the Nucifera, the Ananas and the Sabat.

Anak, of the tribe Ananas, enjoys a comfortable, unambitious life. But his peaceful contentment is soon disturbed when the survivor of a ship-wreck is washed ashore, bringing perilous news of an imminent invasion by the war-like Pinolians.

A survivor of a ship-wreck brings perilous news...

Lured by a strange comet towards the White Mountains, Anak and his new found friend set off to warn the other tribes of Coconia.

The Coconians are forced to fight for their very survival...

In a breath-taking race against time, the normally peaceful Coconians must draw upon every ounce of strength and ingenuity in the ensuing fight for their very survival...

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